A Conflicted Return to Business Travel

Before COVID, many of us made frequent business trips to meet with clients, partners, and colleagues. Love it or hate it, we didn’t have a lot of choice about it. Business travel was a required part of our jobs. That changed abruptly in 2020 when many countries went into pandemic lockdown, most companies halted travel, … Continue reading A Conflicted Return to Business Travel

Yes, Women Can Have It All (But That’s Not the Point)

On the heels of Jacinda Ardern’s surprise declaration that she is stepping down as New Zealand’s Prime Minister, the BBC ran an article with the headline, “Can women really have it all?” After getting backlash for the anti-feminist take, the headline was changed…but the sentiment persists. It’s an unfortunate spin, but not an unexpected one. … Continue reading Yes, Women Can Have It All (But That’s Not the Point)

Women Are Struggling

“Your husband is going to fall off his chair when he sees this bill,” quipped the saleswoman as she rang up my purchase. This was in January of this year (not 1955, as you might have guessed), when I ventured to the mall to get dress clothes that my teenage son could wear to his … Continue reading Women Are Struggling

She’s So Bossy

What’s the difference between being assertive and being aggressive? Your gender. This joke tends to ring true, even in 2021, over a century since women’s suffrage and more than six decades since the modern feminist movement began. One would think the unconscious bias we all carry would be lessened by proof points and progress — … Continue reading She’s So Bossy

Inspiring Women Leaders

“No one knew what to do with women like her,” recalled my father. My mother was smart, well educated, and conscientious, but because she didn’t type, she struggled to land a corporate job in the 1960s. So she went back to school for a professional degree, one of only 11 women in her year at … Continue reading Inspiring Women Leaders

Boys vs. Girls in Math

I won second place in the 1986 Connecticut State Science Fair for a project entitled “Boys vs. Girls in Math.” It was my first (and only) science fair experience, prompted by a middle school teacher who saw me as a brainy kid who could handle the extra work. The topic was one suggested by my … Continue reading Boys vs. Girls in Math