Tiger Teams, Task Forces, and Councils, Oh My!

“I’d like you to be a part of a new initiative we’re kicking off,” I said into the phone. “We’re forming a tiger team.” “Uh…a what?” he asked after a brief pause. It was the very same response that I had given when asked to lead a red team some years earlier. There are a … Continue reading Tiger Teams, Task Forces, and Councils, Oh My!

Stick-to-itiveness in Sports and Science

My first team sport was soccer, as part of an all-girls league in my hometown. I recall fondly the smell of freshly cut oranges passed around at halftime and breaking in stiff new cleats at the start of a season. My favorite coach was Mr. Glover — a stocky man who came to practice lugging … Continue reading Stick-to-itiveness in Sports and Science