My Husband Does the Laundry

Yes, my husband does the laundry. Not just his own laundry, but all of it: towels and sheets, the kids’ clothes and mine, placemats and reusable masks. Every weekend, he collects dirty clothes from hampers, runs load after load, hangs the delicate items on a rack, and folds the rest into neat dryer-fresh piles that … Continue reading My Husband Does the Laundry

You Get What You Measure (So Be Careful What You Measure)

Remember the story about the genie who was freed from the magic lamp? “You get three wishes – any three wishes! – but choose carefully!” The greedy soul who rubs the lamp always wastes a wish or two. “I want to be ruler of the universe!” And poof! he’s transformed into a giant yardstick. He … Continue reading You Get What You Measure (So Be Careful What You Measure)

The Beauty of Nature

I had ambitions for a blog post this week about cybersecurity, passion projects, or emotional intelligence, but after twenty-four hours of being flat out from my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (which I still wholeheartedly recommend to everyone able to get it) and in celebration of Mother’s Day, I share here a simple but … Continue reading The Beauty of Nature

Touching the Future

My grandfather – we called him “Pops” – taught math in the New Haven public schools for 32 years. When I was with Pops at a store or restaurant in New Haven, even long after he retired from teaching, we’d invariably run into a former student. I picture my small hand engulfed in his large … Continue reading Touching the Future

The World’s Gone Hybrid

Remember when hybrid referred to cars that run on gas and electricity? How quaint. Today, it seems that everything is hybrid. The word hybrid comes from the Latin hybrida meaning the offspring of two dissimilar organisms. Mythical human-animal hybrids — like the half-man half-horse Centaur — evoke images of bizarre creatures that express some attributes … Continue reading The World’s Gone Hybrid

Building Fault Tolerance

Last week my ten-year-old son got a question wrong on his math test. No big deal, right? But I saw his face fall as he realized it was the end of his perfect streak. However, I'm actually glad for the small slipup because I know it’s important that he become adept at learning from mistakes. … Continue reading Building Fault Tolerance

The Hottest Topic of Our Time

On sunny days, the solar panels on our roof return more power to the grid than we consume. My daughter and I shifted to a more sustainable vegetarian diet. I use reusable bags at the supermarket. I try to do my part. But I recognize that there is so much more we all must do … Continue reading The Hottest Topic of Our Time

Tiger Teams, Task Forces, and Councils, Oh My!

“I’d like you to be a part of a new initiative we’re kicking off,” I said into the phone. “We’re forming a tiger team.” “Uh…a what?” he asked after a brief pause. It was the very same response that I had given when asked to lead a red team some years earlier. There are a … Continue reading Tiger Teams, Task Forces, and Councils, Oh My!

Rubbish Runners and Other Odd Jobs That Build Character

“It’s a trashy job, but somebody’s got to do it!” That was the slogan for our fledgling Rubbish Runners business, my first foray into entrepreneurship. When I was very young, our town had little motorized vehicles that zipped up to the top of people’s driveways to pick up trash. But cost-cutting measures eliminated the service, … Continue reading Rubbish Runners and Other Odd Jobs That Build Character

Stick-to-itiveness in Sports and Science

My first team sport was soccer, as part of an all-girls league in my hometown. I recall fondly the smell of freshly cut oranges passed around at halftime and breaking in stiff new cleats at the start of a season. My favorite coach was Mr. Glover — a stocky man who came to practice lugging … Continue reading Stick-to-itiveness in Sports and Science