AI is Already Everywhere (But Not in the Way That You Fear)

Do you use Waze for navigation? Customer support chatbots? Apple voice memos? Facebook photo auto-tagging? Electronic check deposits? Amazon purchase recommendations? Grammarly writing tips? LinkedIn language translation? Google search? If so, then you already use artificial intelligence (AI) nearly every day. AI systems have the capacity to reason and learn — attributes typically associated with … Continue reading AI is Already Everywhere (But Not in the Way That You Fear)

Inspiring Women Leaders

“No one knew what to do with women like her,” recalled my father. My mother was smart, well educated, and conscientious, but because she didn’t type, she struggled to land a corporate job in the 1960s. So she went back to school for a professional degree, one of only 11 women in her year at … Continue reading Inspiring Women Leaders

The Hottest Topic of Our Time

On sunny days, the solar panels on our roof return more power to the grid than we consume. My daughter and I shifted to a more sustainable vegetarian diet. I use reusable bags at the supermarket. I try to do my part. But I recognize that there is so much more we all must do … Continue reading The Hottest Topic of Our Time