New Year, Fresh Start

December is often a whirlwind of end-of-year activities. For me, this includes demanding work responsibilities like supporting the quarter close, wrapping up the prior year, and planning for next year. On the personal front, it’s a flurry of holiday concerts, sports games, Christmas decorations, Hanukkah candles, gift exchanges, potato latkes, seven fishes, and more. Simply … Continue reading New Year, Fresh Start

The Best Laid Plans of Managers and Moms

2022 didn’t start out exactly as I’d planned. At the end of December, I relished re-connecting with family that I hadn’t seen in two years, immersing in holiday celebrations, family meals, movies, hikes, and board games. I also took some time to reflect on the whirlwind that was 2021 and planned for 2022, considering how … Continue reading The Best Laid Plans of Managers and Moms