Expressions of Gratitude

Right now, I feel profound gratitude for vaccines and the scientists who created them, for a fulfilling career that allows me to learn and contribute in meaningful ways, and for the health and happiness of my husband and children. Each and every day, I’m thankful for colleagues who I consider friends and for friends who … Continue reading Expressions of Gratitude

AI is Already Everywhere (But Not in the Way That You Fear)

Do you use Waze for navigation? Customer support chatbots? Apple voice memos? Facebook photo auto-tagging? Electronic check deposits? Amazon purchase recommendations? Grammarly writing tips? LinkedIn language translation? Google search? If so, then you already use artificial intelligence (AI) nearly every day. AI systems have the capacity to reason and learn — attributes typically associated with … Continue reading AI is Already Everywhere (But Not in the Way That You Fear)

The Joy of Books and Lifelong Learning

I remember pleading with my parents to let me read “just five more minutes” each night at bedtime. My clip-on booklight was an essential item on my packing list for overnight camp. During graduate school I would sometimes sneak off for lunch in a remote spot on campus so I could read uninterrupted. For me, … Continue reading The Joy of Books and Lifelong Learning

Corporate Jargon, the Harvard Comma, and Authentic Communication

Let’s stay laser-focused on the desired outcome: To identify paradigm shifts that could disrupt the market, unleash differentiated opportunities, and enable best-of-breed offerings. Start by prioritizing the low-hanging fruit; don’t try to boil the ocean. It’s essential that we leverage subject matter expertise and exploit our competitive advantage. At the next checkpoint standup, we’ll review … Continue reading Corporate Jargon, the Harvard Comma, and Authentic Communication

Inspiring Women Leaders

“No one knew what to do with women like her,” recalled my father. My mother was smart, well educated, and conscientious, but because she didn’t type, she struggled to land a corporate job in the 1960s. So she went back to school for a professional degree, one of only 11 women in her year at … Continue reading Inspiring Women Leaders

The Hottest Topic of Our Time

On sunny days, the solar panels on our roof return more power to the grid than we consume. My daughter and I shifted to a more sustainable vegetarian diet. I use reusable bags at the supermarket. I try to do my part. But I recognize that there is so much more we all must do … Continue reading The Hottest Topic of Our Time

Tiger Teams, Task Forces, and Councils, Oh My!

“I’d like you to be a part of a new initiative we’re kicking off,” I said into the phone. “We’re forming a tiger team.” “Uh…a what?” he asked after a brief pause. It was the very same response that I had given when asked to lead a red team some years earlier. There are a … Continue reading Tiger Teams, Task Forces, and Councils, Oh My!

Rubbish Runners and Other Odd Jobs That Build Character

“It’s a trashy job, but somebody’s got to do it!” That was the slogan for our fledgling Rubbish Runners business, my first foray into entrepreneurship. When I was very young, our town had little motorized vehicles that zipped up to the top of people’s driveways to pick up trash. But cost-cutting measures eliminated the service, … Continue reading Rubbish Runners and Other Odd Jobs That Build Character

Stick-to-itiveness in Sports and Science

My first team sport was soccer, as part of an all-girls league in my hometown. I recall fondly the smell of freshly cut oranges passed around at halftime and breaking in stiff new cleats at the start of a season. My favorite coach was Mr. Glover — a stocky man who came to practice lugging … Continue reading Stick-to-itiveness in Sports and Science

I’m Also the Lunch Lady

Buckled into my window seat in coach, I took a deep breath and ran through my to do list in my head. It had been a whirlwind of a day already. After spending the morning preparing for the upcoming product launch event in Germany, I navigated New York traffic, crawled through airport security, and raced … Continue reading I’m Also the Lunch Lady